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Webroot Security Protection

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Webroot Security Protection

Changing Security Software:

Dynamic Computing is moving all of our clients to Webroot as a replacement for Symantec Endpoint Protection.  We will contact each client prior to making this change to answer any additional questions or concerns, but have put together some basic information into this article to help answer as many basic questions as possible.  We will also be removing Symantec Endpoint Protection which is currently installed.  As part of this change, you should notice the Symantec Endpoint icon (a small yellow shield in the icons in your taskbar)  disappear and replaced with a green circle with a ’W’ in it.

Old  Symantec Icon:

New   Webroot Icon:


Why the Change?

Symantec has changed their licensing model and also introduced a new cloud product to replace the version Dynamic Computing has used for many years.  A change was going to be required in any regard, so we took this as an opportunity to find the best in class product available on the market today.  After a lot of research, discussions and testing, Webroot was chosen as our new standard for endpoint security software.

In short, Webroot offers more effective protection and has a smaller footprint, meaning it won’t slow down your computer or interrupt your work. Feel free to checkout the Webroot site for more detailed information on the product -


A Note About Browsers:

One cool feature of Webroot is its browser plugin. The Webroot plugins offer additional protection to your browser by identifying potentially malicious websites before they can harm your machine. These don’t always get turned on by default. See instructions below for how to enable this feature for the most common browsers.

To check if your browser is working, do a search on google and see if you see checkmarks appear next to your results, this indicates that a website is safe:

Internet Explorer:

Tools - Options - Programs Tab - Manage add-ons Button - Highlight and Enable Webroot Filtering Extension


 Tools (vertical dots upper right) - More Tools - Extensions


 Tools (three vertical lines upper right) - Add-ons - Extensions



Will Dynamic Computing need access to my computer?   Both the installation of Webroot and the removal of Symantec are fully automated using our Kaseya management software. For machines that are on the internet, these changes will occur automatically without any interruption to the end user.  We will schedule the changes overnight but laptops or other offline machines will execute the installations as soon as they reconnect to the internet.

***Dynamic Computing may call and ask you to turn on/connect any machines that are not currently in use or connected to the internet to complete this process on all managed machines.

What about computers that are not managed by Dynamic Computing?   Only computers managed by Dynamic Computing will get Webroot installed unless you have a specific arrangement.  If Symantec has been installed on computers that are not managed by Dynamic Computing, it will stop working at some point in future months. All company owned computers should be managed.  If you have any questions, please open a ticket and we can assist you.

Do I need to reboot my computer?   In our testing, a reboot has not been required, but would be recommended as the first step in troubleshooting if anything unusual is happening. We recommend users reboot their computers on a semi-regular basis in any regard and would suggest you reboot at your convenience after you notice the new software has been installed.

How is Webroot going to affect my computer?  You shouldn't notice anything different on your computer. The service runs in the background and protects you from malware threats. Webroot doesn’t use as many resources as Symantec, so if anything, you may notice your machine runs faster than before. If Webroot does detect any problems, Dynamic Computing will be alerted and will follow up with you to address the issue.

What do I do if Webroot finds an infection?  You should open a support ticket by calling us at (206) 284-6200 or emailing .

Why can’t I change any settings in Webroot?   Webroot is included as part of your managed IT plan with Dynamic Computing.  We handle the licensing, settings, best practices, remediation and troubleshooting. Although you'll be able to see the settings, you won't be able to edit them. You can start additional scans on your own however, by right clicking the Webroot icon and clicking ’Scan Now’. Webroot will automatically stop any threats that it detects during scans, whether it's running in the background or you initiated an additional scan. If you believe a setting is causing problems, please open a ticket with us so we can find the best solution to the issue. 

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