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Installing Webroot on an Agent Machine

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Installing Webroot on an agent machine

VPHome Share

Navigate to the VPHOME share and find the folder named Agent Antivirus. Depending on your Operating System, follow either the Mac or Windows section of this article for directions.


  1. In the VPHOME\Agent Antivirus\Windows folder, copy the installer to the computer.  Do Not Rename the File, it's critical for the software to register correctly.
  2. Double click the exe file and Webroot will install normally.


  1. In the VPHOME\Agent Antivirus\Mac folder, copy the sh file to the Mac.

  2. Using two fingers on the mouse/touchpad click the shell script to open the menu section and select: Open with>Other>Utilities>Terminal

  3. Enter the password for the Mac when prompted. NOTE: You will not see characters being entered as you type. But as long as you type the correct password and press 'Return', the installer will run successfully.

4.  If prompted, allow access for Webroot Web filtering extensions.  Follow the on-screen prompts.



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