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Recycling Old Computers and Network Equipment

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Recycling Old Computers and Network Equipment


Donate to Charity

There's no reason to leave old computers, servers or other unused hardware lying around your office. One of our goals at Dynamic Computing is to keep track of IT assets and keep things clean and organized. The best thing to do with retired IT hardware is to get rid of it!

Dynamic Computing works with a charitable organization and can assist in this process. Our general policy when replacing something old with something new is to bring the old equipment back to our office and recycle it through a charitable organization. If you have a large collection of old hardware, we can also arrange for a pickup directly from your office, though there may be a small fee associated with that service.

Our policy is to donate all of your old equipment to charity, but we may on occasion keep parts temporarily for use in testing, spare parts or other purposes aimed at providing betters service to our clients.


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