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Password Management for Projects

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Password Management for Projects


Why we need your passwords

As your IT administrators, we don't need your password to access your systems, files, emails or other items. But there are plenty of situations where we may need to impersonate you on your computer or other system to look at your specific settings or reconfigure your machine to your personal specifications. This can also be extremely useful when troubleshooting a problem reported after a major change or preparing new computers so they can be completely configured ahead of being delivered to your office. In many of these situations, if we do not have your password we cannot continue our work or fix a pressing problem. We do have the power to change your password, but if this is done without your knowledge it can leave you locked out of the system and unable to access your computer, files or e-mails.

Communicating passwords securely

E-mail is not a secure form of communication. Sending network logins and/or passwords over e-mail is dangerous and could compromise your IT systems. If your office has a secure e-mail/messaging system you can use this to communicate password information with Dynamic Computing. Otherwise, Dynamic Computing will send you a secure e-mail from our system and any replies you send will also be secure.

Password gathering process

If we only need a few select passwords, we will likely try to gather those by simply calling on the phone and collecting them verbally. Otherwise, we will send you an encrypted e-mail with a password protected excel file. You can then gather passwords from your users and save them to this file which can be sent back to us in a reply to the original secure message.
We password protect the file as an extra precaution that would prevent other users in your organization from being able to open it without authorization.

What if one or more people do not wish to provide their current password?

There are sometimes good reasons for this and there are a few options.

  • Have the user change their password before providing it. They can then change it back after the project is completed. This is recommended if the user uses their computer password for other personal accounts.
  • The user can elect to be physically present during the work that needs to be done. This is likely to be inconvenient to the user, especially since after hours work is sometimes involved. This might create additional inefficiencies and would result in additional fees if their is a significant amount of time required to accommodate this request. (See our Knowledge Base Article on Project Change Orders)

Password Resets

One of our primary goals is to deliver your project on time. If we do not get the passwords we need in time or we find the password provided doesn't work, our policy is to reset the password we need and complete the scheduled work. We will reset the password to match the emergency reset password listed in the excel file sent ahead of time. We will also send e-mail and text alerts to our primary contact to alert them to the change. The end user can get their new password by contacting Dynamic Computing or their office administrator who has access to the password sheet.

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