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How to Identify Phishing Attacks

How to Identify Phishing Attacks Phishing attacks now come in many ‘flavors’ and can be hard to spot. Phishing attacks attempt to steal sensitive information through emails that often look to be official communication from legitimate... Read More

Patch Management Overview

Patch Management Overview   Patch Management Dynamic Computing utilizes a patch management solution for all of our customers that is integrated with our IT Management Software. This software allows us to centrally manage the patches released... Read More

Recycling Old Computers and Network Equipment

Recycling Old Computers and Network Equipment   Donate to Charity There's no reason to leave old computers, servers or other unused hardware lying around your office. One of our goals at Dynamic Computing is to keep track of IT assets and... Read More

Webroot Security Protection

Webroot Security Protection Changing Security Software: Dynamic Computing is moving all of our clients to Webroot as a replacement for Symantec Endpoint Protection.  We will contact each client prior to making this change to... Read More