Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - End User Setup Guide

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Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) - End User Setup Guide


If you have been directed here for help, it means Dynamic Computing will be enabling MFA for your company.  MFA improves security by pairing your Office 365 account with a secondary authentication method.  Once setup, you will be able to approve or deny attempts to access your account.


There is more than one way to setup MFA, but we recommend you follow the guidelines below.  These steps assume you have a smart phone (iOS or Android) that you will use to Approve or Deny MFA requests.

 We recommend the use of the Microsoft Authenticator App for situations where you need to authenticate and cannot receive a text message (think an airplane where you have wireless internet but no cellular service)

In short, the below steps outlines the process:

  1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile phone
  2. Configure your Office 365 account to use the mobile app on your phone
  3. Dynamic Computing Enables MFA for your account
  4. Reconfigure computers and devices if necessary

Each of the above steps is outlined below in more detail.  At any point, if you have questions or encounter problems, please get help from your office administrator or open a ticket directly with Dynamic Computing for assistance.  

            To open a ticket with Dynamic Computing:


                        Phone: 206-284-6200


Step 1 Details: Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile phone:

This app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can find it by searching for “Microsoft Authenticator” directly on your phone.  The icon should look like what you see to the left above this text

  • Known issues
    • iPhone/iOS – You may need access to your Apple ID and password to approve app installation on your device.
    • iPhone/Android - You need to allow the Authenticator App correct permissions
      • Access to Camera (in order to scan an QR code - saves the need to manually type a long code to link the app to your account)
      • Notifications Allowed - Allows the app to notify you automatically without manually opening it each time when you need to use it
      • Iphone Example:  - You can modify app permissions under Settings - Authenticator

Step 2 Details: Configure your Office 365 account to use the mobile app on your phone:

  • Have your mobile device with the Microsoft Authenticator app with you and ready.
  • On your computer, open your browser and login to office 365 using your account –
  • Click on or paste the following link into your browser:
    • Click next when prompted about More information required.



  • Select “Mobile app” from the drop down option.
  • Keep the default of “Receive notification for verification”
  • Click the blue “Setup” button

  • Follow the on screen instructions for configuring the app
    • Start with Step 2, since you should have already completed step 1.

  • After scanning the image (literally pointing your phone camera at the screen of your computer in the browser showing your Office 365 account setup) the app should display a 6 digit code – click next
  • When activation finishes on the phone, select Contact me . This step sends a notification. Select Verify .
  • You have successfully configured your mobile app and are ready to use Office 365 MFA.

Step 3 Details:   Dynamic Computing Enforces MFA for your account:

  • After confirming steps 1 and 2 for all users, Dynamic Computing will configure MFA to be required for all access to your account.
  • You should receive communication about the exact schedule of this change ahead of time.
  • Once this change occurs, any computer or device may require reconfiguration or authentication on the next use.  Your computer/Microsoft Outlook and mobile device should only require reconfiguration using MFA one time, but attempts to login to Office 365 using a browser, may require MFA authentication each time you sign in.

Step 4 Details: Reconfigure computers and devices if necessary:

Computer:   Any program on your computer that accesses Office 365 may prompt you to re-authenticate your account.  Most users will see this in Microsoft Outlook  but you may be prompted additional times for other programs such as Skype or One Drive if these have been configured.  Complete the authentication wizard and MFA challenge once and you should not be asked again unless you change your password.


Mobile:  Steps and compatibility may be different depending on your specific mobile device.  In most cases, you will either receive a prompt on next use or you will need to remove your office 365 account and re-add it.

If you run into problems, you can attempt the following self-help troubleshooting steps.  If these do not solve your problem, please reach out for help.

  • iPhones
  • Android
    • There are no native Android mail applications that support Modern Authentication
    • Dynamic Computing can only support the Microsoft Outlook client for Android, others that have support (Nine, Bluemail)


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